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Easy to understand commercial truck driving curriculum, on-road training, and instructors certified for Air Brake by Ontario Safety League. 

Course Language: English

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Student Driving A Commercial Truck After Passing MELT Program In Brampton


Getting licensed as an AZ truck driver in Brampton opens up new career opportunities.  It qualifies you to operate any tractor-trailer combination. At Caledon Truck Driving School, we ensure students are full-trained to operate in all kinds of weather conditions. 

Our 5-week Mandatory Entry Level AZ Tractor-Trailer (MELT) program includes 103 hours of training. Students will learn shifting techniques on multi-speed transmissions, regulations on work hours, pre-trip inspections, and border crossing. 


Minimum 18 years of age

Valid Ontario class ‘G’ license or higher

Pass a vision test 

OSSD grade 12 diploma (or higher), or proof of grade 10 English equivalency

Submit MTO approved medical form 

Knowledge verification of rules of the road and signs

Step By Step Guide To Your AZ-DZ LicenCe

Step 1 

Make sure you’re eligible for getting the MELT – Tractor, Trailer Program. You must hold a full G Ontario license. If you’re switching your license from another province, please visit MTO’s website for specific directions. 

Step 2 

Pick up the medical form from our school or your nearest Drive Test location. You can also download it from here and print it to fill information. 


Step 3 

Get the form filled out by a licensed physician. It should cost you around $50-$100. 


Step 4 

Complete a written test to obtain your Learner’s Permit before training for the MELT Program. It will cost you $23.25 for the written test and $96.75 for the first road test. 


Step 5 

Once you receive the permit, contact us at Caledon Truck Driving School and we’ll create a personalised plan to meet your training needs. We’ll train you for the MTO road test, so you can get your operator’s license. 


Step 6

Clear the Ministry of Transportation road test and you’re all ready to start your career as a Tractor and Trailer driver.

“Safe and professional truck driving is not a skill, it’s an attitude”

Our Instructors Speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi

Our experienced trainers will teach you in a language that you’re the most comfortable in. We want you to understand the concepts clearly, drive with confidence, and succeed in your new profession.

Hands-on Training

At Caledon Truck Driving School, you’ll receive complete training on long-haul road operations that will give you a competitive edge over other truckers. We prioritise your safety and only teach the safest route and technical skills to our students.

Unlock New Career Opportunities

Our theoretical and practical approach will train you in several driving techniques. Once you pass the test, you can drive any truck/trailer combination, a vehicle pulling double trailers, and a combination of a motor vehicle and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles exceed a total gross weight of 4,600 kg.

about our instructors

Amarjit Kang 

With over 23 years of experience, our trainer, Amarjit Kang is an expert at long-haul driving. He is a perfectionist, who’s always calm and has excellent work ethics, and ensures students understand instructions and gain knowledge. He delivers training in four languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. 


Sukhjinder Parhar 

Sukhjinder Parhar is a long-haul truck driver and trainer with over 10 years of driving experience. His expertise lies in practical skills and always ensures students are informed and confident about their newly acquired driving skills. Parhar is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi and would deliver instructions in any language you’re comfortable in.

Trucker Safely Driving On Road During Sunset In Brampton After Getting AZ License From Caledon Truck Driving School


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