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Learn about the different careers you can choose in the trucking industry.

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Be part of the rapidly growing Canadian trucking industry with immense career growth opportunities. The trucking industry in Ontario offers career opportunities to everyone, whether you’re old or young, any gender, or race. It is a high reward, high growth field with a long list of benefits. 

Along with great pay, you also get benefits and perks. All Ontario residents should consider the trucking industry when planning a new career or switching over.

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Explore Career Opportunities in the Canadian Trucking Industry

Professional Truck Driver 

Think of trucking as a career that pays you to travel. As a truck driver in Ontario, you’ll travel across Canada, the US, and Mexico. If you prefer to stay close to home, you still have an amazing career ahead of you. You can make a career as a pickup and delivery professional or even become an owner and operator. 

Mechanic and Service Technician 

Becoming a mechanic or service technician is an exciting career as you are dealing with new machines and technology everyday. Some career opportunities include truck and coach technician, wheel installer, parts supply and control, shop floor supervisor, and maintenance manager. 

Operation and Logistics 

As one of the most essential parts of the trucking industry, you make the backbone who ensures deliveries are picked and dropped on time, the supply chain’s aware of any delays, and manage the taskforce. Terminal manager, operations manager, driver trainer or supervisor, dispatcher, doc supervisor, and billing clerk are some of the career opportunities in Ontario. 

Information Technology 

With a phenomenal room for growth, entering the trucking industry’s information technology will take you to great career heights. Your key focus would be to improve efficiency, implement cutting edge technology, and lower overhead costs. Here are some career opportunities for you – system analyst, programmer, network administrator, and IT manager.

career opportunities in canada, trucking industry, melt program, top truck driving school near me, brampton, mississauga, toronto, caledon
career opportunities in canada, trucking industry, melt program, top truck driving school near me, brampton, mississauga, toronto, caledon

Business Development and Marketing 

If you enjoy communications and customer service, you’ll love working in the trucking industry. As one of the fastest growing industries, business development and marketing plays a key role in companies’ success. Some career opportunities include business development manager, marketing manager, sales representative and customer service, and social media specialist. 


As an administrative professional, your job is to ensure licences and permits are valid, cargo details are accurate, and financing is available for your company to grow. You can build a successful career as a licensing and permitting officer, accountant, HR professional, claims agent, and sales or fuel tax administrator. 

The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement and adversity.

How Can Caledon Truck Driving School Help?

At Caledon Truck Driving School Ltd, we value our students, safe training, and your success. As a student-first driving school in Brampton, our personalised MELT program and on-road experience will turn you into a skilled truck driver. 

Our personalised truck training in GTA will ensure your individual needs are met. Our founders and lead trainers, Amarjit Kang and Sukhjinder Parhar are both long-haul truck drivers with 23 and 10 years of driving experience.

They understand the complexities of commercial trucking and only teach you the safest ways on the road. We aspire to help you create a fulfilling career in commercial driving in Canada and the US. We have a new batch starting soon at a discounted price! Give us a call or fill out the contact form to inquire further.


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