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Free Truck Driver Assessment

Ready to put your AZ or DZ truck driving skills to the test? You’re in the right place. Our Free Truck Driver Assessment focuses on the nitty-gritty: road safety, vehicle maintenance, and route planning. Take the test and we’ll pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, then offer you a custom learning package to get you job-ready. 

At Caledon Truck Driving School, your safety and confidence behind the wheel are our main goals. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the most effective, personalized learning experience.

Skills measured

Driving Proficiency

We assess your driving skills, focusing on safe and efficient operation of the truck. This includes speed management and adherence to traffic laws, ensuring you're fully capable of handling heavy-duty vehicles safely.

Vehicle Upkeep

Our trainers evaluate your ability to conduct essential vehicle inspections, troubleshoot mechanical problems, and perform regular upkeep tasks. Keeping your truck in top condition reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and enhances road safety.

Route Optimisation

Efficient route planning is key in this industry. We evaluate your ability to plan routes that consider traffic, road conditions, and delivery timelines.

Time Efficiency

Meeting deadlines and juggling various tasks are key in this industry. We examine how well you can sort your tasks by importance and handle your responsibilities, making sure you're equipped to work well under pressure.

Customer Interaction

Standing out often comes down to customer service. We look into your knack for clear communication, resolving customer issues, and positively representing your employer.

Safety Compliance

Understanding and following safety regulations are non-negotiable. We evaluate your knowledge of safety procedures and compliance with national and provincial laws.

Designed by experienced instructors

Our instructors at Caledon Truck Driving School know the road and the classroom inside and out. They’ve used their years of experience to create this assessment, focusing on what really matters in trucking. It’s not just a test; it’s a tool designed to make you a safer, more employable driver.

AZ truck driving instructor from Caledon Truck Driving School offering a hands on learning experience to a student

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