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Ontario Commercial Driving Licence Guide

Discover fulfilling career opportunities with different commercial driving licences in Canada

Commercial driving is one of the most exciting careers across Canada. While most are aware about Class A and D licences, there are many other commercial driving licences you could acquire in Ontario. With the demand for commercial drivers being more than ever, you can establish a fulfilling career. These licences have varying requirements and make you eligible for driving a range of commercial vehicles. 

Class A

This licence is required to operate combination vehicles with a weight of 11,000 kg or more. The towed vehicle can weigh more than 4,600 kg. This includes tractor-trailers and articulated vehicles, which means you can enter a career in long haul trucking. You aren’t eligible to drive a moped, a motorcycle, or a vehicle carrying passengers.

Class B

This licence is required to operate school purpose vehicles designed to transport more than 24 passengers, such as buses. This includes school buses and city buses. To obtain a Class B licence, an individual must pass a written test and a road test. You can drive vehicles in the Classes C, D, E, F, and G but not drive a motorcycle.

Class C

This licence is similar to Class B, except that you can drive any kind of passenger carrying vehicle, including long-distance buses. With this licence, you can drive Class D and F vehicles, but not Class B.

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Class D

A precursor version of Class A, Class D licence allows you to drive a trailer-tractor combination weighing more than 11,000 kg, considering that the towed vehicle doesn’t exceed ​​4,600 kg.

Class E

With a Class E licence, you can drive a passenger vehicle with a maximum of 24 people. These vehicles can include fixed route transit buses, airport buses, airport taxis, limousines, party buses, and mini buses. You can also drive vehicles covered by Class F and G.

Class F

Class F licence is similar to Class E, except that it makes you eligible to drive emergency vehicles including ambulances for private firms and hospitals. As a part of the job, you are required to be in good health as you’ll be assisting the paramedics in lifting patients. This is a highly rewarding career and recommended for those with a philanthropic touch.

Z Endorsement 

Also known as air brake course, Z endorsement is mandatory for all commercial drivers for driving air brake equipped vehicles. You can combine this licence with all classes that we’ve mentioned. 

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