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7 Tips On Surviving Your First Year As A Truck Driver In Ontario

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The first year as a truck driver in Ontario is the most difficult one. You’re still learning new things and figuring out how to deal with emergencies. It would be challenging at first, but with the right determination, confidence, and skills, you can enjoy a fulfilling career as a truck driver eventually. To help you prepare better, here are some tips from our instructors: 

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1. Focus on getting driving experience

When you get hired at a big logistics company, chances are you might shadow an experienced driver for the first few weeks. Make sure you show the willingness during those weeks, so the other driver’s confident in you and offers to drive. Always carry a book with you and ask questions. It’s all a part of the learning process. 

2. Master your parking skills

Parking a truck is very different from parking a car or even a van. Whenever you get a chance, practice your parking skills. It will boost your confidence and make you feel less stressed every time you are behind the wheels. 

3. Keep your work schedule flexible

In the first few years when you are establishing your career, we highly recommend keeping a flexible work schedule. Canada’s currently in a severe shortage of truck drivers, so finding a job will be easy but a flexible work schedule will give you more options and better pay. 

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4. Find a mentor 

A long-haul commercial truck driver with 8-10 years of experience makes great mentors. They have on-road experience, tips and tricks that you won’t find on the internet, and are a great resource for advice. Ask your truck driving school in Brampton to connect you with past students or find them on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to send them a message. 

5. Be realistic and manage expectations

Be well aware about the challenges you might face, especially during the winters. Starting a career in the trucking industry is a major lifestyle change. Keep an open mind and deal with every situation practically. 

6. Keep in touch with friends and family

You’ll be spending 8-10 days on the road. Whenever you get a chance, check in with your family and let them know you’re safe. They’ll be stressed with you staying away from home all these days. If your family’s dependent on you for your time and attention, come up with a practical schedule where you get quality rest but also spend time with them.

7. Maintain a good diet

Long hours on the road, make sure you’re hydrated, and keep snacks handy. It’s a good idea to pack home cooked foods along, so you don’t eat fast food frequently. Most trucking companies allow you to carry a small stove with you, which you can use to heat the food. You can also carry a rice cooker or instant pot to make one pot meals. 
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