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Ontario To Spend $1.3 Million In Training Women Truck Drivers

women truck training program by ontario government, az truck driving classes

The Ontario government has initiated a new project that promises to offer $1.3 million for over 50 jobseekers, allowing them to kickstart their careers in the trucking industry. The project aims to prepare 54 newcomers, women, and other interested candidates from under-represented groups for demanding careers in the transportation sector.

As we know, Ontario, situated in central-east Canada, is the North American country’s most populous province. Across the region, a minimum of 6,100 truckers are required to apply for the job vacancies. The decision is in response to the surging demand for truck drivers to help businesses deliver goods to customers and families receive their vital parcels on time. It will further help boost the local economy of the province.

Supporting aspiring students with family support 

Furthermore, sadly, only 2% of Ontario truckers are women. Therefore, this mobile initiative will reimburse up to $4,500 for raising and educating one’s children and managing other living costs. Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford, said that the program aims to break down the barriers and gender biases to bring more ambitious women into the trucking sector.

Ford further declared that the Canadian government is on its way to developing and establishing Ontario. Therefore, the authorities are working hard to make all skilled occupations more accessible for women and under-represented groups.

Furthermore, this free program is operated by the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada (WTFC) and is designed to offer candidates up to 200 hours of training required to get two of the crucial truck driving licences – the AZ (tractor-trailer) licence and the DZ (straight truck) licence. The trainers or instructors will be using both in-cab and virtual reality (VR) solutions to provide hands-on training to every interested job seeker.

The professional trainers will teach candidates how to perform manoeuvres, operate commercial vehicles, conduct vehicle inspections, maintain the trucks for long-lasting functionality, and understand the various controls and systems of commercial vehicles. That’s because truckers have the crucial responsibility of bearing urgent orders and parcels of customers or friends and families.

women truck training program by ontario government, az truck driving classes

Government’s effort to create more employment for women 

According to WTFC’s official website, the organisation is a network of women built for women to expand, empower, and retain the employment of women in the transportation industry. The WTFC also aims to shift attitudes and break stereotypes about the role of women truckers.

Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Immigration, and Skills Development, said that truck drivers are our “everyday heroes who keep the wheels of our economy turning”. He further added that the government will ensure more job seekers will get the opportunity to explore such demanding and purpose-driven careers.

Furthermore, the skills development program will cover training for defensive driving, forklift operation, human trafficking awareness, and workplace harassment and violence. After the completion of the project, the WTFC will be working with graduates to give them job opportunities and employment as professional truck drivers.

All ambitious participants will be entitled to receive up to $1,000 for childcare support and transportation. Besides, they will also be eligible to get $300 for the necessary tools and equipment and $400 as a weekly allowance. Today, truck drivers make nearly $26 per hour in Ontario on average.

The first batch of in-person training commenced on July 1. If you are interested in expanding your career in the high-value trucking industry, you can apply by dropping an email at


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