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Trucking 101: Step-By-Step Instructions On Backing Maneuvers

backing maneuvers for commercial truck drivers during az dz truck training by Caledon Truck Driving School in brampton

You may be a professional driver, but are you sure you know the right steps to back up your tractor-trailer? If you are less confident about this part, don’t worry, you are not alone. Even the best drivers often fail to follow the steps correctly. In this article, we will discuss the major causes of accidents during backing maneuvers and how you can avoid such mishaps, such as a vehicle or property damage.

How Backing Up Accidents Are Caused?

Sadly, not many drivers can back up their trailers successfully. Even if they do, some of them end up causing vehicle or property damage. Therefore, no matter which truck driving school in Brampton you are attending, learn about the detailed procedure of backing up a rig correctly.

Commercial truck drivers should take this seriously. Many accidents occur due to wrong backing maneuvers. Trucking insurance companies often report a high number of incidents and damage claims that happened when the trucker was backing up their trailer. We know it is challenging, but you should invest time in learning it.

Often, truckers don’t spend time completing the truck backing-up process during their AZ truck training. The driver mostly uses his mirrors to aim for the right parking spot without actually seeing the area. It is called blind-siding, and it is one of the most troublesome aspects that usually limits the truck driver’s visibility.At Caledon Truck Driving School, we make sure you master this important skill before you graduate from our MELT program

The driver’s side mirror cannot show the truck’s exact location, nor even where it is heading towards. On the passenger’s side mirrors, too, only the rig’s side face is visible, making it hard to figure out how the truck is standing at any given point. Therefore, let’s discuss the step-by-step procedure for backing up a trailer.

Detailed Guide on Backing Maneuvers

Here are three tips and advice on skilfully backing up a rig.

Tip 1: Avoid Blind Siding Whenever Possible

We know it’s tempting to opt for this method to keep the process quick and simple, but you don’t want to cause any damage to property or vehicle. It will reduce the risks of meeting accidents. There is a high chance you will land beside another parked car or trailer.

If there’s no other option left than to ‘blind side’, then take mental images of your target spot first, before attempting the backing maneuvers. The best thing is to get out and look. Check the position well. You may need to get out after moving every five feet. But take the time to ensure a safe landing.

backing maneuvers for commercial truck drivers during az dz truck training by Caledon Truck Driving School in brampton

Tip 2: Avoid Using Spotters

Sometimes, to save the hassle of stepping out of the vehicle after every 5–7 feet of movement, we often take help from spotters, who guide truckers regarding the direction they should move for safe parking. But, unless the spotter is an experienced trucker himself, avoid following their guidance, as they can sometimes be misleading rather than helpful.

Tip 3: Make Slow Movements

Keep checking the position of the trailer and tractor continuously. Expert trainers at any truck driving school in Brampton will always stress this point. It’s better to invest some time in parking your rig safely than causing major financial setbacks due to vehicle or property damage due to rushed landings.

Backing maneuvers can be difficult for truckers, especially if they are driving a vehicle with a sleeper bunk. It’s crucial to overcome this challenging part by following the right steps. Otherwise, accidents and/or truck and property damage may occur. Join our private career college AZ truck training program to master the skills of backing your trailer. Get in touch for more information.


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