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How Long Is A Truck Driving School? 

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Becoming a professional truck driver in Ontario, Canada requires proper training and obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Before choosing this career path, you might have many questions, with the very first one being “how long is a truck driving school?” Program duration varies depending on whether you’d be attending the program part-time or full-time. As per the Ministry of Transportation, a student must complete 103.5 hours of MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) to apply for their commercial driver’s licence.  

The Duration of Truck Driving School Programs in Ontario

Truck driving school programs in Ontario can vary in duration depending on the specific program and school. On average, a truck driving program in Ontario can range from four to twelve weeks, with most programs falling within the six to eight-week timeframe. The duration can be influenced by several factors.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Programs

Truck driving schools in Ontario offer both full-time and part-time training options to accommodate the needs of different individuals. Full-time programs typically require a daily commitment of several hours, allowing students to complete their training more quickly. Part-time programs, on the other hand, offer more flexibility, allowing students to attend classes on a schedule that suits their availability.

Intensive Training

Some truck driving schools in Ontario may offer intensive training programs designed to condense the curriculum into a shorter time frame. Intensive programs are suitable for individuals who wish to complete their training quickly and enter the workforce sooner. These programs often require a higher level of commitment and dedication from the students.

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Factors Affecting Training Duration

Several factors can affect the duration of truck driving school programs in Ontario.

1. Previous Experience

Individuals with prior experience driving commercial vehicles or possessing a related skill set may require less training time compared to those starting from scratch. Previous experience can provide a foundation of knowledge and skills, allowing individuals to progress more quickly through the training program.

2. Individual Progress and Aptitude

The pace at which an individual progresses through the training program can vary. Each student has different learning abilities and aptitudes. Some individuals may grasp the concepts and develop the necessary skills more quickly, while others may require additional time and practice.

3. Weather Conditions and Seasonal Challenges

In Ontario, weather conditions, particularly during winter, can impact the training schedule, especially for programs that involve practical driving lessons. Harsh weather conditions, such as snowstorms, may require adjustments to the training schedule to ensure the safety of students and instructors.

Training At Accredited Truck Driving Schools in Ontario

When choosing a truck driving school in Ontario, it is crucial to select an accredited and reputable institution. Look for schools that are registered and approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and meet industry standards and best practices. 

Evaluate the comprehensiveness of the program curriculum and the amount of practical training provided. A well-rounded program should cover essential topics such as vehicle operation, safety regulations, defensive driving, and hands-on practice. Consider the duration of the training program and whether it aligns with your availability and career goals. Additionally, look for schools that offer scheduling options such as full-time and part-time programs to accommodate different student needs.

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