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Are Truck Drivers In Demand In Ontario? 

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Truck drivers form the backbone of the logistics industry across North America. However, the impending shortage of truck drivers in Canada has become a growing concern as it affects the timely delivery of goods and causes supply chain disruptions. Currently, there’s a vacancy of over 25,000 drivers, which has been a difficult task to accomplish. When it comes to the trucking industry, attracting and keeping people employed is another difficult task. It has a turnover rate of 90%, which means that 1 out of every 2 deliveries get delayed. Having said all this, truck driving is an excellent employment opportunity for new immigrants to earn money and also to improve their eligibility towards permanent residency in Canada. 

Shortage of Truck Drivers in Canada

The shortage of truck drivers in Canada has significant economic implications. It leads to increased transportation costs and potential disruptions in the supply chain. Here are the reasons for the shortage in Canada:

1. Aging workforce 

A self-explanatory reason that’s causing shortage in several industries across Canada, many truck drivers are nearing retirement. Most are moving from long-haul to short-haul trucking to stay closer to family. 

2. Not an exciting career 

 It isn’t a lucrative industry either where you’re working on the latest technology or doing ground-breaking research. 

3. Uncertain pay 

Most long-haul drivers get paid by distance, so the pay isn’t consistent throughout the year, especially during winters. With growing costs of living, most people find it comfortable to have a job that gives consistent pay.  

Canada’s Efforts to Address the Truck Driver Shortage

Recognizing the importance of resolving the truck driver shortage issue, the Canadian government has taken steps to support initiatives that aim to increase the number of qualified truck drivers. The Driving Economic Recovery program is one such initiative that provides funding to address labor shortages in key sectors, including the trucking industry. The government has also collaborated with industry stakeholders, such as trucking associations and educational institutions, to develop strategies that attract and train new truck drivers. On the other hand, provincial governments like Alberta have dedicated $30 million towards driver training.  

These collaborative efforts aim to raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of a career in trucking, address regulatory challenges, and promote ongoing professional development for truck drivers.

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How to Become a Truck Driver in Canada?

To become a truck driver in Canada, aspiring individuals need to : 

1. Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which is issued by the provincial/territorial licensing authorities. The specific requirements for obtaining a CDL may vary by province, but generally, candidates must meet age, health, and language proficiency requirements. 

2.  Pass a written knowledge test and a practical driving test. Students must attend a 5-week mandatory training before attempting the practical driving test. Enrolling in a reputable truck driving school is highly recommended to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required for the profession. 

Caledon Truck Driving School in Brampton offers a personalized MELT program and air brake endorsement course. Our program covers essential topics including vehicle operation, safety regulations, defensive driving, and cargo handling. Gaining practical experience is also crucial for truck drivers to enhance their skills and improve employability. 

Become a student with Caledon Truck Driving School in Brampton

Caledon Truck Driving School Ltd is a Registered Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 located in Brampton, Ontario. Our trainers have over 23 years experience of commercial driving and are committed to providing the best quality of education and training. Our students will be taught to drive, manage, and maintain a truck-trailer combo weighing up to 4,600 kg. We also offer air brakes training in the same program. Our course is 5 weeks long and includes 103.5 hours of training. For more information, visit our MELT program in Brampton page

For more details about our truck training program, visit our school at 102-1 Gateway Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 0G3.


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