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How to Sign Up For Truck Driving School While On EI?

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Looking for a new job while on Employment Insurance (EI) can be challenging. However, taking courses like truck driving can lead to a good career. With a high demand for truck drivers in the country, it’s worth considering this option.

But, many people are unaware of the fact that the Employment Insurance (EI) program can help you sign up and pay for truck driving schools. Of course, your EI benefits will be affected. But, strategic choices can bolster your employability in the trucking industry and help avoid potential mishaps. Want to know about how to take truck training classes while on EI? Read ahead!

How Can EI Pay For Your Truck Training Classes?

If you receive Employment Insurance (EI) benefits in Canada, then you have access to an array of programs designed to aid in skills development and bolster the employment process. According to the updated Employee Insurance (EI) program, individuals who have recently lost a job are eligible to receive temporary financial assistance, and other benefits, such as job search services, and vocational training among others. 

To qualify for EI, individuals must work a certain number of hours, and the length of time for which benefits are offered also depends on the unemployment rate in your geographic region. However, coming back to the most pertinent question – will EI pay for your truck driving school? Well, it can! 

  • To begin with, you can leverage initiatives, such as Ontario’s Second Career Program, which helps laid-off workers by offering financial support for multiple training-related expenses, such as tuition, books, and daily living costs. The aim of the program is to help people gain on-demand skills and be ready for the contemporary job market.
  • Likewise, in British Columbia, the Employment Skills Access Initiative also provides tuition-free training for individuals who are currently unemployed. And one of the cost-free courses pertains to commercial truck driving
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How to Apply for a Truck Driving School in Brampton While on EI?

To ensure that your transition to a truck driving school in Brampton and other regions is smooth and worry-free while you are under EI benefits, follow the steps below –

1. Check Your Eligibility

If you are under EI benefits, it is generally expected that you are actively seeking and available for work. However, if vocational courses like truck driving programs improve your employment prospects and do not inhibit your ability to seek work, then you might be eligible for free training.

2. Check Out Approved Trainings

You should look for truck training classes that fulfil the criteria and dictums set out by Employment and Social development Canada (ESDC) – the department responsible for EI. Approved institutions are more likely to meet the EI programs and the truck driving training you get is more likely to be recognized by prospective employers. 

3. Apply for Financial Assistance

Depending on your situation and geographical location, you might be eligible for financial support to help cover tuition costs for the truck driving program. For instance, EI recipients may qualify for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, which offers financial aid to people getting job-specific training.

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