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10 Types of Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

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Canada is a truck driver’s haven. The country has a booming trucking industry, which is, in fact, in need of more truckers. For instance, a recent report states that approximately 20000 positions are vacant in the country for truck drivers. Such a gap in demand and supply offers a lucrative opportunity for people to get gainful employment and monetize their skills. If you are interested in a trucking career in Canada, below is a list of ten sought-after trucking jobs that might provide you with some direction and clarity. 

Top Ten Trucking Careers in Canada in 2022 

1. Dry Van Hauler

It is a common trucking job where you have to operate a single large trailer with items in pallets of boxes. If you are stepping into a trucking career in Canada, dry van hauling is worth considering.

2. Auto Hauler

Some of the most noticeable trucks that operate on Canadian streets are auto haulers. If you decide to become an auto hauler, you must transport new cars to their dealerships. Transporting new vehicles is a heavier haul; thus, this trucking job is meant for individuals with appropriate training and experience.

3. Logistics or Courier Driver

The job involves picking up and delivering goods for individuals and businesses. A valid driver’s licence and a clean driving record are two mandates to be a logistics driver.

best paying truck driving jobs in canada, top truck driving jobs in ontario, best truck training academy in brampton, mississauga, caledon, milton, near me

4. Flatbed Hauler

It is one of the most sought-after trucking careers in Canada. As a flatbed hauler, you must carry an oversized load and wonkily-shaped freight, making the driving ordeal much more challenging. Thus, by opting to train in the top driving school in Brampton, the possibility to become a flatbed hauler increases. 

5. Hazmat Hauling

It is a trucking job where you transport hazardous materials, such as explosives, poisons, flammable liquids, solids, etc., from points A to B. To become a hazmat hauler, you must have a special HAZMAT endorsement. 

6. Refrigerated Hauler

It is a trucking job involving a specialised trailer that keeps cargo at a particular temperature. You will deliver food, medical products, and other perishable items as a refrigerated hauler. Being a refrigerated hauler tends to pay more than dry haulers as drivers are accountable for temperature checking, settings maintenance, and likewise.

7. Heavy Machinery Truck Drivers

It is a lucrative trucking job in Canada, which pays around CAD 31 per hour. However, you need a Class 3 licence, adequate training, and a minimum of five years of experience to become a heavy machinery trucker. Hence, training from the top truck driving school in Brampton can help. 

8. Hotshot Hauler

It is pretty distinguishable from ‘normal’ hauling because hotshot trucks have a small trailer attached. As a hotshot hauler, you will be transporting smaller but time-sensitive freight. 

9. Tanker Hauler

The penultimate trucking job on our list is that of a tanker hauler who transports hazardous or non-hazardous liquids from points A to B. Operating a tanker is considered one of the most risque and skill-oriented jobs in the trucking industry and, thus, pays quite well. 

10. Forklift Driver

Last but not least, we have forklift drivers in high demand within Canada. As a forklift driver, you will have to man the forklift, which is an industrial truck. Owing to the mushrooming of warehouses and distributors, the demand for forklift drivers is expected to grow by 11 percent in the next ten years. 


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