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What NOC changes Imply for the Trucking occupation in Ontario


The groups of people that will perhaps benefit the most from the updation of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system in Canada are the people employed in the sixteen occupation types that were added to the list of skilled occupations recently. The list including diverse professions such as nursing, aircraft operations, dental care, driving, etc. was being debated for a while before the changes were finally implemented on 16th November and the NOC 2016 system of categorisation based on skill type was transformed into the Training, Education, Experience, Responsibilities (TEER) system. The skill type 0 corresponds to the TEER category 0, A to TEER 1 and 2, B to 3, C to 4, and finally, D to 5.

 It is great news for people in the trucking occupation as their job is now being assigned skilled occupation status as opposed to its earlier semi-skilled designation. This change places the people engaged in these jobs at a TEER category of at least 3, which makes them eligible for Express Entry. The NOC of the general occupation of “transport truck drivers” which includes smaller categories such as bulk goods truck driver, LCV driver, truck owner operator, long haul driver, tow truck driver, oil transport driver, etc. has changed from 7511 to 73300.

 Moreover, certain provinces like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, etc. have hundreds of job vacancies for truck drivers with Nova Scotia and Ontario also having declared truck driving as a critical occupation due to labour-market shortages. The situation seems ideal for aspiring drivers in and around those areas to enroll into a trailer program in Brampton or nearby areas. By doing that, they will start making more money as their profession has high work value due to increased demand of and shortage of supply of workers.

Additionally, Canadian immigration aspirants will also enjoy the privileges of permanent residency if their work title falls under any of the specific aforementioned titles under NOC 73300. This change entails the added benefits of being able to sponsor their relative’s entry, lesser education costs for their children due to dissolution of international student fees, their spouse having the permission to work full-time anywhere in the country, and the mental peace of permanent residency over having a Temporary Foreign Work Permit, which requires recurrent updation and lesser freedom.

However, as the required skill level for a registered trucker has increased, the eligibility requirements will obviously become more stringent. By virtue of being a skilled occupation, truck driving will require having better practical experience as well as technical and theoretical knowledge. Get in touch with us at Caledon Truck Driving School in Brampton, Ontario to receive best in class teaching from well-trained AZ drivers. Our MELT- tractor program which lasts around 5 weeks will allow you to cultivate your driving skills in a way that makes you confident and fearless on all terrains, in all weather conditions, and with all kinds of distances and freight. Happy Driving!


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