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Guide 101: Truck Maintenance

truck guide maintenance tips for Canadian truck drivers by Brampton's best az truck training school, melt program in brampton, mississauga, caledon, milton

Being stuck on the side of a busy highway with a broken-down vehicle is one of the worst nightmares for any truck driver. The long hours spent waiting for roadside assistance not only take a toll on the trucker’s mental health but can also jeopardise the entire job. Thus, much of your time, money, and energy go down the drain. However, with some preemptive steps and a truck maintenance checklist, it is easy to keep unforeseen road incidents at bay.

Top Six Tips and Tricks For Top-Tier Maintenance Of Your Truck 

1. Examine the Tires in a Timely Fashion

At least once a week, you should check the air pressure in your truck’s tires. In addition, if you are going on a lengthy journey, it is recommended that you check the pressure multiple times throughout the journey. Both under and overinflated tires are potentially dangerous. For instance, underinflated tires are infamous for lowering fuel mileage and making steering more challenging. On the other side, overinflated tires are susceptible to popping and being damaged by potholes. Enrolling in AZ truck training in Brampton is a good idea for comprehensive knowledge about tire pressure and truck maintenance.  

2. Examine the Brakes

Road accidents due to brake failure are a common phenomenon in Canada. Therefore, as a responsible trucker, you must routinely examine your truck’s brakes and call a professional at regular intervals. Furthermore, the brakes ought to be inspected and maintained during every oiling. When stopping the truck, if you feel vibrations or hear screaming from the brakes, it’s necessary to call a professional.

truck guide maintenance tips for Canadian truck drivers by Brampton's best az truck training school, melt program in brampton, mississauga, caledon, milton

3. Fill the Fluids 

Before hitting the highway, check that all your truck’s fluids, such as oil, radiator fluid, and so forth, are at the optimum levels. Although it may seem like obvious advice; humans often tend to ignore mundane things.

4. Timely Engine Maintenance 

Drivetrain and engine glitches can bring your truck off the road during a vital consignment. Thus, it is pivotal that you look out for red flags, such as excessive smoking, decreased power, and loss of oil pressure, as they are indications of an unhealthy engine. Make sure that your truck’s engine is in top-tier condition. Furthermore, an AZ truck training program in Brampton can help hone your truck maintenance skills.

5. Examine the Electrical System 

You must monitor your truck’s battery in a timely fashion, as it will help dodge unwarranted delays while on the road. While checking the battery, take your sweet time and examine all the wiring and cables to ensure that they are secure and everything is free of dust. It is noteworthy to remember that the MELT program in Brampton will teach you a lot about truck maintenance and care. 

6. Monitor the Cooling System 

Many premature engine failures result from improper cooling system maintenance. Therefore, it’s important to know the various coolant types and follow their guidelines. Make sure to keep the coolant arrangement squeaky clean at all times, and fill it with the correct type and amount of fuel.  
So, there we have it, a crisp guide to truck maintenance in 2022. The best part about the MELT program in Brampton is that it provides everyone with essential knowledge about truck care, repair, and maintenance.


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