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Trucking is an enriching career in Canada. In fact, the country’s economic strength heavily relies on an efficient, safe, and sustainable freight transportation system because 90 percent of all consumer products and food items are manoeuvred by trucks. 

The lucrative perquisites of Canadian truckers come with a lot of effort and work, such as initial training, skills development, obtaining an AZ-DZ licence in Brampton, finding the right enterprise for the job, and much more. Are you keen on starting your career as a truck driver in Ontario but baffled about where to begin? If yes, then our crisp guide will be of excellent use. 

Who is an Owner-Operator Trucker in Ontario?

An owner-operator is an independent truck driver who owns and operates a carrier vehicle for freight transportation. Instead of working for a company, you become an independent contractor. From small-scale businesses to multinational bigwigs, everyone prefers to hire contractors to avoid the overhead cost of truck maintenance while reaping the benefits of high-quality and reliable trucking services. 

Being an independent trucking contractor means you are your own boss. The flexibility, freedom, and earning opportunities are endless, and so are the responsibilities. To begin with, you will be accountable for the pickup and movement of shipments. You must decide the routes, the load, and other aspects of your contract at your discretion. Likewise, you are responsible for unloading the vehicle at the destination and seeing to the delivery process as per the client’s requirements. In addition, you also have to maintain your truck and pay for the insurance costs. 

However, truth be told, the fact that you can decide your schedule and create a career trajectory that genuinely speaks to and for you is precious. Therefore, if you want to become an owner-operator trucker in Ontario, the time is ripe. You can begin by taking a course in one of the truck driving schools in Brampton. 

Steps to Become an Owner-Operator Trucker in Canada

  • licence Training – To get a trucker licence in Canada, you need preemptive training and coursework. Therefore, you must enrol in the top truck driving school in Brampton. Comprehensive and rigorous coursework under the guidance of experienced faculty can help catapult your career to novel heights. It is the first and most crucial step to becoming a contract trucker in Ontario. 
  • Obtain the licences – Firstly, to begin your trucking career, you must have an AZ-DZ licence in Brampton. An AZ licence allows you to drive any truck/tractor-trailer combination over 4600 kg. On the other hand, a DZ licence permits the driving of heavy vehicles up to 4600 kg, but not exceeding it. Possessing an AZ licence qualifies you to become a long-haul trucker, whereas, with a DZ licence, you can drive fire trucks, street snowplows, cement mixers, and likewise. To obtain an AZ-DZ licence, you should already have a standard Ontario G-licence. If you have B, C, or D licences, they can be easily upgraded from the Ministry of Transportation. 
  • Begin Your Independent Journey – After completing the coursework, obtaining the necessary licence, and clearing the driver’s test, you must start bracing yourself for an independent journey. You will have to manage your finances, maintain an immaculate driving record, and strive to create a niche in this lucrative yet saturated market.

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