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What’s The Difference Between AZ & DZ Licence In Ontario?

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To become a commercial truck driver in Ontario, you need to have a commercial driving licence. It is common to get confused about AZ and DZ licence, since they are often used together when mentioning about the trucking industry in Canada. A truck driver is a great career opportunity to people of all ages and genders. The MELT program, which you must attend before you attempt the licence test, is only five weeks long and offers several job opportunities at once. 

Before we explain the difference, let us walk you through what Z means in AZ and DZ licence. The “Z” stands for the air brake certification, which is an eight-hour long training. It isn’t compulsory, but it’s highly recommended to get the certification when you get training for the AZ or DZ License. 

What’s the difference between AZ and DZ licence? 

AZ licence

You will need to take the AZ licence course if you want to become a long-haul truck driver in Canada. It allows you to drive trucks that weigh more than 4,600 kg or 10,000 lbs. You can drive any motor vehicle, or truck and trailer combination using the licence. You aren’t required to load or unload the truck. 

However, this licence doesn’t let you drive buses. For that, you’ll require the C-Class certification. 

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DZ licence 

Getting the DZ licence is easier than the AZ licence for two reasons. Since you can only drive a heavy vehicle not exceeding 4,600 kg or 10,000 lbs, you can challenge the best without backing up a trailer. You are required to load or unload the truck. 

DZ licence is typically recommended for truck drivers looking for a career in municipal work. With this licence, you can drive garbage trucks, rescue vehicles, cement mixers, fire trucks, or similar trucks. The biggest benefit of getting a DZ licence is getting to come home every night. It’s a highly rewarding field as well. 

How do I get the AZ or DZ licence? 

The first step is ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, which is as follows:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Valid Ontario class ‘G’ licence or higher
  • Pass a vision test 
  • OSSD grade 12 diploma (or higher), or proof of grade 10 English equivalency
  • Submit MTO approved medical form 
  • Knowledge verification of rules of the road and signs

Then you need to apply for the Learner’s Licence, which makes you eligible to attend the MELT Program. It is a five-week long program and we offer it at Caledon Truck Driving School. We understand every student is different and create a personalised plan, so you make the most out of the program. 
Once you attend the program, you can attempt the class A or D licence test. At our school, we’re currently offering two road tests complementary if you sign up before December 2023. Reach out to us for any queries or enrolling into our MELT program in Brampton.


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