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4 Key Qualities a Truck Driver Should Have 

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Getting behind the wheel and following directions are just a part of a truck driver’s job. But this does not make them a good truck driver! They need to have certain qualities to be an efficient truck driver. What are those qualities? Does a driving school help you attain those qualities? Well, there is only one way to find that out. 

Here’s a quick post that sheds light on the four key qualities a truck driver should have. Before you enrol in a truck driving school in Brampton, read this post. 

1. Responsibility 

Truck drivers need to be responsible. They can’t be drinking and driving and not follow national and provincial requirements for breaks, safety, paperwork, and driving time. Good drivers would know about the changes in regulations too. They plan ahead of time before making a delivery or reaching a new place. 

An irresponsible truck driver is a danger to himself as well as others. There needs to be a level of discipline. As a truck driver, you have to remember that there is a big responsibility on your shoulder. 

2. Independent 

A truck driver has nobody to look at them while they are working. They go to far-off places, so there is no manager or boss on their head. 

Truck drivers are supposed to do their job without the need to be micromanaged. It may seem like a daunting task at this point, but you will learn everything about managing your work without constant eyes glued on you. At the same time, stay in touch with a dispatch team.

The MELT program in Brampton will teach you everything you need to know. It’s a mandatory training course for trailer drivers. The course lasts for about 5 weeks and it will be an enriching learning and hands-on experience for aspiring trailer drivers. 

best truck driving school in brampton, top az truck training near me, truck training academy near me, mississauga, caledon, Milton

3. Focus 

Driving for several hours, days, and months needs a high level of focus. Road construction, traffic jams, bad weather, and all kinds of road hazards increase the risk of getting into an accident. 

Truck drivers should know when they need a break and when is the best time to hit the road. Without proper focus, a truck driver will not be reliable. It’s okay to rest for a couple hours if you feel tired or need to take a break. 

4. In-depth knowledge about trucks, roads, and weather conditions

The truck driver needs to know everything about the truck. They should be able to change the tire or the bulb. When a truck goes out, the roads may or may not have repair shops. Is the truck driver capable of changing tires and fixing issues? The truck driver should know how to maintain the vehicle properly. Pre-trip inspection checks are mandatory before you start the trip.

A truck driving school in Brampton will not only teach you technical skills but also manage time. Truck drivers should follow all the laws, sleeping time, driving time, and resting requirements. 

Truck drivers mostly work on an hourly basis or per kilometre pay so time is money for them. They can’t afford to miss the alarm in the morning because every hour is precious. 

Caledon Truck Driving School has a new MELT Program batch starting soon. Give us a call at +1 905-965-9595 and ask about our latest offers, financing options, or to schedule a campus tour. 


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