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5 Winter Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers In Canada

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Is this your first window as a commercial truck driver in Canada? You might be nervous about the snow and black ice, but don’t worry. You have the training to overcome these obstacles from your AZ truck training classes in Brampton and with these tips from our experienced instructors from Caledon Truck Driving School, you’ll have a positive experience. It’s crucial to always stay alert and not take unnecessary risks.

Here are 5 winter safety tips for commercial truck drivers in Canada: 

1. Make sure your smartphone has charge

Smartphone batteries can freeze when exposed to subzero temperatures for a long duration of time. Lower the charge, the more easily it’ll get frozen. Keep it inside the cabin and keep it charged 80% or higher. Another couple reasons to keep your smartphone charged are to stay in touch with your dispatch team and call a mechanic if your truck breaks down. 

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2. Stock up your truck with winter supplies

Canada gets some of the harshest winters and you must be prepared. Here are things you’ll need:

  • De-icer and ice scraper
  • Bag of salt and shovel
  • Jump cables
  • Flashlight
  • Heated blanket 
  • Extra sweaters and warm pants
  • High visibility jacket 
  • Extra supplies of food and water (to use if you get stuck)
  • Half tank of gas 

3. Check forecasted weather conditions for the entire trip’s duration

Weather in Canada changes quite rapidly. Before you start your trip, spend a few minutes reading up the forecast of the cities or towns you’ll drive through. Google Maps or Apple Maps are both great mobile apps to use. They also inform about road closures and provide alternate route information. 

4. Keep an eye out for hazards

Fog, black ice, and heavy rain are common natural hazards during winters. Black ice occurs when the temperatures are near freezing and a transparent layer of ice forms on the road. It looks like the road is wet. Black ice can also build up on your tires, windshield, and mirrors. During thick fog conditions, turn on your flood lights and drive slowly. During heavy rains, your tires can slip, so make sure you drive slowly and apply the brakes gradually. 

You also must be extra careful while driving on bridges. They freeze a lot faster but are the last ones to get de-iced using sand or salt. 

5. Drive smoothly and slowly 

Doesn’t matter how fast other truck drivers or cars around you are going. Drive at a speed you’re comfortable with. Maintain a healthy distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, so if brakes need to be applied, you don’t crash into them. Give signals while switching lanes or turning right well in advance, so the cars around you are prepared for it. If the weather gets tricky, don’t be afraid to stop for a few hours. 

As a commercial truck driving school in Brampton, we highly recommend getting a couple winter training classes to boost your confidence. We offer AZ truck training classes in Brampton and have a new batch starting soon. Reach out to us to know about our latest offers and financing options.


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